Stop binge eating, finally.

Healstack is a brand new treatment assistance
for Binge Eating Disorder.
Healstack wearable and the app
teches you new routines, how to avoid unhelpful behaviors and get on your way to recovery!

Sign up to know when Healstack becomes available

Sign up to know when Healstack becomes available

Over 3 million people suffer from Binge Eating Disorder (BED) in the US.

Our vision is to stop BED
in its tracks.

Track your binge habits
& get new positive cues

Healstack wearable is a small powerful tracker that can change your behavior.

With a simple click of a button, let Healstack know how your meal went. Healstack learns your routines quickly and vibrates gently when it’s time to eat or time to be more aware of a potential binge.

Get tailored guidance with the Healstack app

We approach weightloss from a different perspective.

Our bespoke program guides you through removing old habits that keep you in the binge loop and make you unable to stick with your healthy meal plans. Explore articles, podcast and books to learn new coping skills.

Learn how to eat without fear again!

To have a happy and healthy life
one must enjoy food.

With BED this is a hard task for many as core of the disorder is rooted in stigma about weight and constant dieting. Our community is here to help you fall out of love with diets and fall into healthy new outlook. Join our free groups for support along the way.

Start with the basics and unlock the key to balance

Healstack teaches you to re-embrace your natural routines.

We don’t want you to ever skip a meal again. No more diets, crazy shakes or obsessive calorie counting and weighing in.

Quiet your hunger monster!

Quiet your hunger monster!